Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chinese New Year

This year we celebrated Chinese New Year! It's the year of the lion. Jim and I are going to China in early March so I thought it would be fun to tell the kids about where we are going and attempt to make Chinese food. My good friend Carollee had decorations already so I put them up and whipped up some sweet and sour chicken, rice and fortune cookies. I turned out to be fun. The kids like the colors and the dragon. China here we come!!

The great escape!

The escape!

So happy to leave!!

Old Pals reunited!!

January brought the release of David from the State Hospital in Provo. He spent three months there. Jim and I would visit him just about every Sunday since he went in. It was one of the most heart breaking things to watch someone endure. Especially someone who doesn't understand why they are there. He finally passed all of the things he need to do and was release. Bonnie was up from St. George for Little Buddy's endowments. He will be leaving for Mexico in March for his mission. (Can't believe it) Any how we picked up Bonnie, Cathy and Joey to go and pick up David. Of course he was packed 5 mins after they told him he would be going home. In fact he called Jim to ask us to hurry. I think he was afraid they would change their mind. LOL. After all the paperwork was signed I told him to pose for a picture and act like he was escaping! He thought it was funny. During his time in the hospital we watch his dog Jada. I was so happy to let her go home with David. My house has never seen so much fur!!

Ice Skating or falling....take your pick.

This year for a new tradition on Christmas Eve we decided to go ice skating. The boys loved it and Savannah....well she liked it better towards the end. After a few close encounters with the ice to face we decided that Savannah probably needed a helmet. Rylan & Dylan got ice hockey skates instead of the regular ice skates. Rylan wore ankle socks instead of tube socks and rubbed is poor leg raw to the point of bleeding. Note to self next year long socks a MUST! All in all the kids want to do it again.

Chirstmas PJ'S

You would think it would have been so much easier to get a picture with all three of them in it. Yep, but I like to do things the hard way I to livin on the edge...


Yikes...He is a BOY SCOUT now!! His first award.


The cook.

The hungry brood.
I am so "thank"ful for my family. I love them so much.


This year I was in charge of the Thanksgiving lesson in YW. I found this awesome talk that Pres. Monson gave about service. I thought that is perfect for Thanksgiving since we are "thankful" for all the service we have received and done over the year. Anyhow in the great tradition that most people have of saying what you are "thankful" for I decided to have the girls put them on fall leaves. The basic idea was to show them that their service is great in the sight of Heavenly Father. And if we put all of the leaves or "service" in one area it becomes many just like the leaves on a tree. It was a fun visual for them.


Yep! That is Savannah's missing eyebrow!! So how did this happen you ask? Well she decided to take a shower in our bathroom. She looks up in the soap dish to see my razor sitting there. I suppose she decided that it would be a really good idea to shave off her eyebrow. The killer part of the story is, this was a Sunday morning and in the mad dash to get to church on time, I didn't even notice until we where home. Yep that’s right she when to church like that. Guess it's a good thing her eyebrows are so light that no one noticed. Not even her Mom. Sheesh! Kids! Yep!